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Elite Series

Osteospermum Elite Series 

This series includes Elite Magic, Elite Magenta, Elite Orange, Elite Ruby, Elite White, Elite Lemonade, Elite Black Widow, Elite Pink, Elite Purple, Blue Eyed Beauty, Purple Sun, Blushing Beauty, 3D Violet Berry, 3D Violet Ice, 3D Banana Shake.
HABIT: Osteospermums are a mounding shrub that produce masses of daisy like flowers for most of the year. They remain compact and are great in almost all garden beds, pots and even do great in hanging baskets.
POSITION: They prefer to be planted and flower best in full sun, however part shade is fine and can be of benefit during long hot periods.
FLOWERING: They will flower most all year with main flushes in Spring and Autumn. They respond well to dead heading which promotes new flowers to be produced. The Elite range has a wide range of colours and many flowers have several colour tones on the one plant. Flowers can be singles, doubles and ‘spoon’ petals!
USES: Plant them wherever you need long term colour with not much looking after. Very drought tolerant once established, EliteOsteospermums are ideal for borders or general planting in garden beds. Osteospermum have long been used in commercial landscaping for their hardiness and long flowering ability. They make a wonderful addition to patio pots and look stunning in mixed hanging baskets. 
CARE: Use hedge shears to prune to shape occasionally, not during hot weather though. They will perform better with average garden watering and a fertilize every season with an all-purpose organic fertilizer. Do not over water, they will flower more constantly with even watering and the occasional dead heading. 
Osteospermum Elite Magic
Elite Magic
Osteospermum Elite Orange
Elite Orange
Osteospermum Elite Ruby
Elite Ruby
Osteospermum Elite White
Elite White
Osteospermum Elite Lemon
Elite Lemon
Osteospermum Elite Black Widow
Elite Black Widow
Osteospermum Elite Blue Eye Beauty
Blue Eye Beauty
Osteospermum Elite Pink
Elite Pink

Osteospermum Elite Purple
Elite Purple
Osteospermum Elite Purple Sun
Purple Sun
Osteospermum Elite 3D Violet Ice
3D Violet Ice
Osteospermum Elite 3D Violet Berry
3D Violet Berry

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