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Elite Series

Geranium Elite Series

Included in this range are Elite Cranberry Splash, Elite Hot Pink, Elite Pink Splash, Elite Flamingo Pink, Elite Raspberry Splash, Elite Red, Elite Salmon, Elite Strawberry Splash, Elite White.
POSITION: Full sun will give you the best results for all Geraniums, however part shade is fine too.
FLOWERING: Almost all year with main flushes in Spring and Autumn. They will have large clusters of vibrant flower heads in a large range of colour with many being two tones.
USES: Ideal for garden borders instead of hedges. Use them wherever you want vibrant flowers all year. Bred for their superior performance the Elite Geraniums are the most compact on the market. This means they are bushier and require less pruning than other varieties. Plant them under trees for ground coverage or mix them with other colours in the Elite range in your garden beds, hanging baskets or large tubs.
DURABILITY: High. Adequate water until established, then is very tolerant of long dry periods. For best flowering average garden water during long dry periods is preferred and mulch well. They have been bred to be more compact and longer flowering however they have maintained the hardiness of the old varieties.
CARE: Very low maintenance, regular dead heading will mean they produce even more flowers and a heavy trim to shape once a year after flowering will maintain vigour. Fertilise each season with an organic fertiliser and mulch well but not too close to the base of the plant.
Geranium Elite Cranberry Splash
Elite Cranberry Splash
Geranium Elite Hot Pink
Elite Hot Pink
Geranium Elite Pink Splash
Elite Pink Splash
Geranium Elite Flamingo Pink
Elite Flamingo Pink
Geranium Elite Raspberry Splash
Elite Raspberry Splash
Geranium Elite Red
Elite Red
Geranium Elite Salmon
Elite Salmon
Geranium Elite Strawberry Splash
Elite Strawberry Splash
Geranium Elite White
Elite White

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