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Hibiscus Rio 

Rio Hot Pink, Rio Shabby Chic, Rio Lemon Delight, Rio Orange Delight, Rio Orange Splash, Rio Peach Melba, Rio Sunshine Yellow, Rio Absolute Ruby, Rio Flaming Glory, Rio Jam Drop and Rio Strawberry Sundea.
POSITION: The Rio range are all compact small shrubs that are easily maintained and can be kept as a hedge.
FLOWERING: They perform best in full sun however will tolerate some shade. Plant them to fill a gap or cover a fence and give you lush green foliage with stunning bright single flowers.
USES: Rio series flower from late spring till late autumn. They all have large single flowers which often have a different coloured throat.
DURABILITY: Plant in a garden bed or large tub. Rio series can be planted as an informal row or as a hedge and trimmed to shape. The bushy lush foliage makes them perfect to fill a warm spot in a garden area.
CARE: Rio series are a tough small shrub that do not require much maintenance, trim them to shape in early spring and apply an organic fertiliser each season to maximus growth and flowers. They are happy in warm spots in the garden but do require even watering throughout the warm months.
Hibiscus Rio Hot PinkRio Hot Pink  Hibiscus Rio Shabby Chic
Rio Shabby Chic

Hibiscus Rio Lemon Delight
Rio Lemon Delight

Hibiscus Rio Orange Splash
Rio Orange Splash
Hibiscus Rio Peach Melba
Rio Peach Melba
Hibiscus Rio Flaming Glory
Rio Flaming Glory
Absolute Ruby
Rio Absolute Ruby
Hibiscus Rio Orange Splash
Rio Orange Splash
Hibiscus Rio Assorted
Rio Assorted

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