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Calibrachoa Elite Series

In this range we currently have Rave Pink, Rave Violet, Elite Cherry, Elite Gold, Elite Pink Blast, Elite Scarlet, Elite Mango, Elite Pink, Elite Midnight Blue, Elite White and Elite Apricot. Please check varieties first as they can vary between seasons.
HABIT: Calibrachoa Elite series is one of the more compact series on the market, with a slightly more mounded habit growing approx 30cm x 40cm.
POSITION: Full sun is best, but they will tolerate part shade and good drainage.
FLOWERING: Elite series will flower from September until the end of May, they will, spot flower during to cooler months, but will be smothered all the warmer months! This series is highly free flowering with an excellent range of vibrant colours to choose from. The two tone flowers are remarkable and add interest to any garden or container planting.
USES: Plant them wherever you need long term colour. Calibrachoa Elites are the best performing on the market and do brilliantly in hanging baskets and pots, mix them with other varieties in the Elite range to create an impressive container display year round. They will grow lovely underneath standard plants or along a garden edge where they can spill over the edge and soften the boarder.
CARE: Use hedge shears to prune by approximately 50% to maintain shape if plants look at all tatty. It is ok to do this in the warmer months but not when extreme hot weather is expected. They will perform better and flower more profusely with average garden watering and a fertilise every season or after a prune with an all-purpose organic fertilizer. In baskets and pots keep them well watered, do not let dry out and they will reward you with 9 months of colour. Keep them drier in coller months.
Calibrachoa Elite Rave Pink
Rave Pink
Calibrachoa Elite Apricot
Elite Aprico
Calibrachoa Elite Cherry
Elite Cherry
Calibrachoa Elite Gold
Elite Gold
Calibrachoa Elite Pink Blast
Elite Pink Blast
Calibrachoa Elite Scarlet
Elite Scarlet
Calibrachoa Elite White
Elite White
Calibrachoa Elite Midnight Blue
Elite Midnight Blue
Calibrachoa Elite Pink
Elite Pink
Calibrachoa Elite Mango
Elite Mango

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