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Elite Series

Calibrachoa Elite Series

Some varieties include, but are not limited to; Elite Cherry, Elite Gold, Elite Scarlet, Elite Pink, Elite Midnight Blue, Elite White, Elite Apricot, Goodnight Kiss, Starjump Hot Pink and an array of hanging basket mixes. Please check for varieties first, as they can vary between seasons.
HABIT: The Calibrachoa Elite series is one of the more compact series on the market, with a slightly mounded habit, growing to around 30cm x 40cm.
POSITION: Full sun is best, but they will tolerate part shade and good drainage.
FLOWERING: The Elite series flowers from September to May, with spot flowers in cooler months and profusion in warmer months. Free flowering with captivating vibrant colours for your garden or containers. Two-tone and double flowers add charm and intrigue to any arrangement.
USES: For bursts of colour, plant Calibrachoa Elites anywhere you desire. They excel in hanging baskets, pots, and containers. Combine with other Elite varieties for stunning displays. They also thrive beneath standard plants or along garden edges, cascading and softening borders.
CARE: Prune with hedge shears by 50% if untidy, preferably in warmer months (avoiding extreme heat). Regular watering and fertilizing improve performance and flowering. Keep baskets and pots well-watered for 9 months of colour, reducing watering in cooler months.
Calibrachoa Elite Rave Pink
Rave Pink
Calibrachoa Elite Apricot
Elite Aprico
Calibrachoa Elite Cherry
Elite Cherry
Calibrachoa Elite Gold
Elite Gold
Calibrachoa Elite Pink Blast
Elite Pink Blast
Calibrachoa Elite Scarlet
Elite Scarlet
Calibrachoa Elite White
Elite White
Calibrachoa Elite Midnight Blue
Elite Midnight Blue
Calibrachoa Elite Pink
Elite Pink
Calibrachoa Elite Mango
Elite Mango

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