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Elite Series

Gaura Elite Series

Elite Rose, Elite Pink and Elite White.
HABIT: A compact perennial, approx.60-80cm high by 50-60cm wide.
POSITION: Full sun to part shade.
FLOWERING: Gaura Elite series blooms from October to May. Sturdy stems keep flowers longer, reducing pruning for new blooms. Flowering on the end of long arching stems, resembling fluttering butterflies in the breeze - hence the name ‘butterfly bush’.

Colour any garden bed with Gaura Elite series! Drought-tolerant and versatile, they shine in rockeries, pots, and borders. Elite Rose has dark foliage and tall, swaying flowers. Elite Pink is compact with soft pink blooms, while Elite White features long white flowers and green foliage.

CARE: Prune in early spring, reducing size by one-third. Endure dry periods but thrive with moderate watering in warmer months. Boost growth with seasonal organic fertilizer for beautiful flourishing.
Gaura Elite Rose
Elite Rose
Gaura Elite Pink
Elite Pink


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