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Elite Series

Lavender Elite Series 

We grow many Lavenders, however the Elite series includes Elite Purple, Elite Blue, Elite Rose and Elite White. We also grow LoveheartMeerlo, Lavish Rose, Lavish Musk, Avonview, English and French.
HABIT: The Elite Lavenders are small shrubs and will not grown any taller than 1m. They have been bred to naturally branch low to the ground which means they are a very bushy and they will produce an abundance of flowers too.
POSITION: Best to be planted in full sun or filtered shade as they can go leggy if in too much shade. Great in pots or large tubs with other plants. The aromatic foliage and flowers make them perfect by windows and front doors. The flowers are very attractive to pollinating insects so great companion plants for veggies and fruit trees.
FLOWERING: They will flower most all year with main flushes in spring and autumn. You are best to prune off old flowers to encourage new buds to form. The flowers come in a range of colours and are highly aromatic.
USES: Plant them wherever you need a hardy shrub with nice flowers. They can be planted in a row and trimmed to form a hedge however this will limit the flowers that you get. Prefect for pots and in garden beds to attract beneficial insects into the garden.
CARE: You can trim them to shape as required but never too hardy as they will not re shoot as well. Mulch well around them but not too close to the base and apply an organic fertiliser to them each season to encourage new growth and blooms. Once established they are very hardy shrubs and can handle dry periods if required, however they will benefit from consistent average watering.
Lavender Elite Blue
Elite Blue 
Lavender Elite Purple
Elite Purple

Lavender Elite Rose
Elite Rose

Lavender Elite Meerlo

Lavender Elite Lavish Rose
Lavish Rose

Lavender Elite Aromatica

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