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Some varieties include, but are not limited to; Inca Coral, Inca Husky, Inca Lolly, Inca Replay Purple, Inca Rio, Inca Tirol, Inticancha Bryce, Inticancha Dark Purple, Inticancha Doba,  Inticancha Imala, Inticancha Indigo, Inticancha Kanika, Inticancha Machu, Inticancha Magic, Inticancha Maya, Inticancha Passion, Inticancha Valentino, Inticancha White pink blush, Inticancha Lavender, Inticancha Indian Summer.
HABIT: Alstroemerias are a stunning range of plants. We grow both the Inticancha series and the Inca series. They will both flower for around 9 months of the year and form a dense mounding habit. New foliage shoots up from below the surface in a tight format to create a thick mass of foliage and flowers.
POSITION: Plant in pots, garden beds, along boarders and rockeries or wherever you want a tough showy plant. Full sun will give you the best flowering however part shade is fine too. Well drained soil over winter is best and keep moist over long dry periods.
FLOWERING: Once the plants are established, they flower from August till April and produce large flowers that are great for floral arrangements as they last a long time once picked. They have a huge range of colours with many being 2 tones.
USES: Great to add long term colour into the garden bed or patio.
CARE: They will grow best with good drainage over the cooler months and well mulched and kept moist over long dry periods. When the flower stalk finishes flower you can pull the entire stalk out and this will allow room for new foliage and flowers to shoot up giving you continual flowering. Fertilise each season with an organic fertiliser.
Inca Coral
Inca Coral
Alstroemeria Inca HuskyInca Husky
Alstroemeria Inca Lolly
Inca Lolly
Alstroemeria Indigo
Alstroemeria Doba
Alstroemeria Imala
Alstroemeria Machu
Alstroemeria Maya
Alstroemeria  Red
Alstroemeria Passion
Alstroemeria Valentino
Alstroemeria White Pink Blush
White Pink Blush
Valentino Dark Purple
Dark Purple

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