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Elite Series

Carnation Elite Series 

Varieties include Elite Berry Ruffle, Elite Peach, Elite Plum Ruffle, Elite Raspberry Ruffle. Elite Ruby Ruffle, Strawberry Ruffle and Sweet Ruffle. Check seasonally for different or new varieties.
HABIT: This range of carnations have a nice compact clumping habit which makes them ideal for pots and containers. Around 40cm x 40cm
POSITION: For optimal growth and flowering, plant them in full sun or partial shade. Their delightful scent when in bloom makes them an ideal choice to be placed near your windows.
FLOWERING: Their peak flowering period extends from early spring through autumn, but with proper care, they can bloom outside of these seasons too. The exquisite blooms are full, two-toned, and double, emitting a delightful fragrance.
USES: Place these charming plants wherever you desire a compact yet striking display of showy flowers. They make an excellent addition to patio pots, containers, and can beautifully adorn your garden borders.
CARE: Encourage new growth and flowers by deadheading and regularly fertilizing these plants. They thrive best in well-draining soil and require average watering. Ensure protection from frost and prolonged dry periods to maintain their health and vitality.
MORE INFO: https://www.hilverdakooij.com/en/pot-plants/anjer/sunflor
Carnation Elite Charmy
Carnation Elite Charmy
Carnation Elite BiancaCarnation Elite Bianca
Elite Kaylee
Carnation Elite Kaylee
Elite Finesse
Carnation Elite Finesse

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