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Carnation Elite Series 

Elite Charmy, Elite Kaylee, Elite Bianca and Elite Finesse are just some in our evolving range, please check each season for new varieties.
HABIT: This range of carnations have a nice soft clumping habit with makes them ideal for pots, troughs and hanging baskets.
POSITION: They prefer to be planted and flower best in full sun or filtered shade. Keep them close to your windows as their scent when in flower is lovely.
FLOWERING: The main flushes of flowers are spring and autumn however will flower outside of these season if they have good care. The blooms are full double flowers with two tones on the one flower and they smell wonderful.
USES: Plant them wherever you need a nice compact plant with mases of striking flowers. They enjoy pots, hanging baskets and in the garden too.
CARE: Trim them up when they finish flowering and fertilise each season with an organic fertiliser. The flowers stand tall above the foliage which makes for easy pruning. Keep them protected from frost and extended dry periods.
MORE INFO: https://www.hilverdakooij.com/en/pot-plants/anjer/sunflor
Carnation Elite Charmy
Carnation Elite Charmy
Carnation Elite BiancaCarnation Elite Bianca
Elite Kaylee
Carnation Elite Kaylee
Elite Finesse
Carnation Elite Finesse

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