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Geranium Trailing Ivy Leaf 

Pink, Burgundy, Lavender, Dark Red and White.
POSITION: Full sun will give you the best flowering however part shade is fine too.
FLOWERING: The best flowering period is between Winter and Summer.
USES: Ideal espaliered along a trellis or fence. They make a wonderful display in hanging baskets, tubs or window boxes along balconies as they spill over the edge.
DURABILITY: High. Adequate water until established, then they will withstand dry periods. For best results they prefer to be watered constantly and fed each season.
CARE: The trailing geraniums are very low maintenance, remove old flower heads to encourage now flowers and trim to shape as required. Fertilise each season to maximise growth and flower production.
Geranium Trailing Ivy Leaf Pink
Trailing Pink
Geranium Trailing Ivy Leaf Burgundy
Trailing Burgundy
Geranium Trailing Ivy Leaf Lavender
Trailing Lavender
Geranium Trailing Ivy Leaf White
Trailing White
Geranium Trailing Ivy Leaf Dark Red
Trailing Dark Red

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