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Elite Series

Gaillardia Elite Series

Elite Blazing sun and Elite Cornetto
HABIT: Compact perennials, with continuous flowers covering the bush. Height approximately 40cm high by 40cm wide.
POSITION: Full sun is best, but they will tolerate part shade and good drainage.
FLOWERING: Experience a year-round floral spectacle with Gaillardia Elite series. Prime flowering from October to May, with pom-pom balls that attract birds. Low-maintenance and continuous flowering as new flowers emerge. Delightful all year long.
USES: Gaillardia Elite series thrives in pots, containers, and garden beds. Loved by bees, ideal for veggie patches to promote pollination. Use as a striking low border plant for vivid colours. Resilient, perfect for challenging garden spots.
CARE: Annual early spring pruning prevents tall and spindly growth. Trim significantly but leave some leaves on stems. Protect from frost in colder months, especially potted plants. Moderate watering for pots, regular watering for garden plants to encourage abundant flowering. Resilient, tolerate dryness. Apply organic fertilizer each season and add mulch for health.
Gaillardia Elite Blazing Sun
Elite Blazing Sun
Gaillardia Elite Cornetto
Elite Cornetto

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