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Elite Series

Bacopa Elite Series

Elite Pink, Elite White, Elite Violet, Elite Summer Burgundy, and Elite Summer Violet.
HABIT: The Elite Bacopas exhibit excellent ground coverage, forming a dense and compact growth habit that outlasts other varieties. They typically reach a height of around 15cm and spread up to 90cm wide, with flowers adorning the entire plant.
POSITION: Elite Pink, White, and Violet varieties thrive in full shade to part sun conditions. They can handle full winter sun but need protection from intense summer sun. The Summer range does well in full sun to partial shade. Protect all of them from frost for optimal growth and health.
FLOWERING: Bacopa Elite Pink, White, and Violet bloom year-round, with the best display in cooler weather. Bacopa Elite Summer excels in summer flowering. All varieties retain their flowers remarkably well, even in wet weather.
USES: These plants are perfect for garden beds and pots with their tight mounding habit, preventing excessive flopping. They make stunning border plants and attract beneficial insects with their large flowers, making them great companions for a vegetable patch.
CARE: Prune occasionally with hedge shears for shaping and bushier growth. Water regularly, fertilize each season, and protect from harsh summer sun and frost to encourage better performance and more blooms.
Bacopa Elite Violet
Elite Violet

Bacopa Elite Pink
Elite Pink

Bacopa Elite White
Elite White

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