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Some varieties in this range include, but are not limited to: Moonlight, Starlight, Red Baron, Federation Posy Pink, Federation Pom Pom, Super Duper. Varieties may vary each season, it's always best to check first.
HABIT: Compact rounded bush, with long lasting flowers. Will grow approximately 80cm high by 60cm wide.
POSITION: This versatile plant thrives in pots, garden beds, borders, or rockeries, offering a spectacular display. Full sun is ideal for optimal flowering, but it tolerates part shade. Ensure well-drained soil and provide full sun exposure for best results, though it can also thrive in light shade.
FLOWERING: Argyranthemum's come in a variety of colours - white, yellow, pink, red, and two-toned shades. They display diverse flower styles like singles, anemone form, and doubles, blooming best from autumn to summer. With proper care, their high flower counts and repeated flowering make them truly remarkable.
USES: These plants are wonderful for garden beds and pots. Their tight mounding habit prevents flopping over the pot's edge. They make stunning border plants, can be trimmed, or hedged, and their large flowers attract beneficial insects, making them perfect near a veggie patch.
CARE: IIn autumn, prune for compact growth and more flowers, avoiding dead wood. Plant in full sun with frost protection for best results. Fertilize each season and provide well-drained soil, regular watering, and remove dead flowers for optimal flowering.
rgyranthemum Federation Daisy Pom Pom
Pom Pom
rgyranthemum Federation Daisy Super Berry
Super Berr
rgyranthemum Federation Daisy Pastel Pink
Pastel Pink
rgyranthemum Federation Daisy Sublime Pink
Sublime Pink
rgyranthemum Federation Daisy Sunny Days
Sunny Days
rgyranthemum Federation Daisy Red Barron
Red Baron
rgyranthemum Federation Daisy Super Duper
Super Duper

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