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Elite Series

Limonium Elite Series

We grow Elite Blue, Elite White Star and Elite Pink.
HABIT: The Elite Limonium series are grown by tissue culture which means that every single plants has the same growth habit and colour flower. This give you a consistent and reliable plant. They form a small clump with tall flowers that stand above the foliage.
POSITION: Best to be planted in full sun or filtered shade as they will produce more flower in the sun. They do not mind a warm position in the garden but would prefer to be protected from the worst of the frost. They do very well in garden beds, rockeries and pots.
FLOWERING: They will flower most all year with main flushes in spring and summer. The flowers are tall and sturdy on strong stems. They make a great display of cut flowers and can be dried to keep their colour.
USES: Plant them wherever you need a hardy plant with long flowering periods. They grow well in pots, troughs and garden beds. If you have a large area, plant them on mass and have a sea of flowers standing tall like waves.
CARE: This series are extremely hardy and long flowering with uniform flower colour and foliage growth. Trim off dead flowers and apply a fertiliser each season to promote new growth and flowers. Once established they will be drought tolerant, however they will flower better and for longer if they have consistent watering.
Limonium Elite Blue
Elite Blue
Limonium Elite Pink
Elite Pink
Limonium Elite White Star
Elite White Star

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