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Bidens Elite Series 

Elite Bee Pink, Elite Bee White Elite Bee Fire and Elite Sunshine.
HABIT: Bee Pink and White are small mounding shrubs and Sunshine is a much lower spreading variety.
POSITION: They will all grow well in pots, hanging baskets, garden beds and rockeries. If you’d like more pollinating insects in your garden or veggies patch these are the plants for you. Give them full sun to maximise flower production and bushy growth.
FLOWERING: The Elite Sunshine will flower better over the cooler months, however the Bee series will flower better over the warmer months. They all produce an abundance of flower through-out the year and the dead flower are often covered over by new ones.
USES: Plant them wherever you need long lasting colour. The small size makes them perfect for mixed tub plantings or in a trough where they can spill over the edge.
CARE: One of the hardiest perennials around, give them a trim to shape once they finish flowering and apply an organic fertiliser each season to maintain new growth. They don’t mind a warm area in the garden as long as they are well mulched and have consistent watering over the dry periods. They prefer to be kept dry over the cooler months.
Bidens Elite Sunshine
Elite Sunshine 
Bidens Elite Bee Pink
Elite Bee Pink

Bidens Elite Bee White
Elite Bee White

Bidens Elite Bee Fire
Elite Bee Fire

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