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Arenaria Elite Snow Showers   
HABIT: A compact perennial, approx.20cm high by 60cm wide.
POSITION: Full sun to part shade.
FLOWERING: Grown for their stunning foliage the flowers are small white clusters that are in significant.
USES: Arenaria Elite Snow Showers is ideal for hanging baskets or containers, gracefully cascading over edges for a stunning display. Its compact, mounding deep green foliage adds to its charm. It's also versatile, suiting borders and rockeries, making it visually appealing for various gardening spaces.
CARE: To maintain size and shape, trim as needed. Moderate watering and seasonal organic fertilizer promote abundant flowering. Ensure good drainage during winter for optimal well-being. Following these care guidelines will help these plants thrive and flourish.
Arenaria Elite Snow Showers
Arenaria Elite Snow Showers

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